Lit Circles Final Project Self-Assessment

Here is my artifact:

The Affect of Power in Relationships

Many people thirst for power—politically, socially, and economically. There are many different sorts of power, and a less-discussed form of power is power in relationships. How can power affect relationships?

English 12 Lit Circles Mind Map Self-Assessment

Link to my mind map for the characterization of the protagonist so far in my lit circles book, Fight Club: This assignment was easier than expected—until I had to

Synthesis Essay 1 Corrections

Two things I am proud of in this essay would be my transitions and evidence. I think I showed effective evidence to back up my claims in this essay, which

Lyrical Free Verse in Response to “Yet Do I Marvel”

I have faith in God Yet I must question his actions What is the reason for such decisions he makes Why bring life to creatures only to take it from

Haiku in response to “The Negro Speaks of Rivers”

A deep history As deep as ancient rivers Strong and powerful

16 Personalities

My personality type is the Architect. Three words to describe myself would be rational, open-minded, and introverted. When you have a strong personal awareness of yourself and others, you understand

Journalism in Verse

Practice Makes Perfect by Kylee Holms I’m afraid Afraid that That could be me And those bruises Could be on my body And that trauma Could be mine And that

Journalism 12 Article Self-Assessment

This is my self-assessment on an article I wrote in Journalism 12 and published on Riverside Secondary’s newspaper, The Eddy. The article is titled “LGBTQ+ history needs to be included in