English 12 Lit Circles Mind Map Self-Assessment

Link to my mind map for the characterization of the protagonist so far in my lit circles book, Fight Club: https://coggle.it/diagram/XrT3KIP8LUn3dpxR/t/-/9e943b0d2fa7bf3236ea67ebe39155bedf855355b395aa215cef9e5b35853151

This assignment was easier than expected—until I had to use technology to make a mind map. I have done this before, and although it was a trial and error at first, it wasn’t too difficult in the end. Because of my experience with online mind maps, I thought I would be okay. But Coggle has a mind of its own. I struggled with the branches; I would move one branch and then suddenly my entire mind map had moved to entirely new places. And for the life of me, I could not get my branches spaced out evenly. I also had to learn certain commands to move these strands, increase the font size, etc. Although, this part was quick and easy to learn.

I had to use a growth mindset while making this online mind map; sometimes, I would attempt to do something to my map, but it wouldn’t work, or I’d mess everything else up. So, I had to undo it and retry until I got it how I liked. I think challenging myself to use new technology is always a process, but a needed one. I get frustrated when I can’t figure it out, but it helps me gain patience and learn something new about the certain technology I’m using. Regarding the content itself, I think talking about the characters qualities was much needed. We’re still early in the book, but it helped me gauge a deeper understanding of the character and the reason why he does or says what he does. I’m looking forward to gaining an even deeper understanding of the character; not to mention, learning more about new technology I haven’t used before.

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