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Problem: Convenience, most people like to think that phones are really convenient, when really they could be a whole lot more convenient then they actually are, and a holographic watch solves that problem. The holographic watch solves this problem because for one, it’s smaller than a phone and you don’t have to remember to bring your phone places all the time since its on your wrist. It’s also less likely to break, because a phone you should have a case on it and even if you do have a case on it, you may crack the screen or scratch the phone, so you have to pay money to get it fixed, but with the holographic watch, you can’t crack it or scratch it easily and since you’re wearing it throughout the entire day, you most likely won’t drop it at all. A holographic watch is also a smaller device than a phone, but it would be able to have an even bigger screen than a phone, so it would be helpful for people with eye problems. There are many upsides to having a holographic watch, and there are many more ways that the holographic watch over rules any normal phone.



The solution that others have found to our problem is a watch that you can get your texts on so you don’t have to check you phone, Ex. Apple watch. There is also something called Life Alert, so if you’re having a heart attack or if you’ve fallen down you can press the button and it sends help to you.

Other Prototypes:

Apple has designed an iwatch that is basically a phone on your wrist but you will need to have your phone with you for it to receive texts or answer phone calls, so it’s not very convenient, the holographic watch is still more developed.



Fitbit has also designed a watch-type device that can track your steps, heart rate, etc. Which the holographic watch would be able to do via. app, the fit bit can only track health related things though, so the holographic watch is still a lot more developed.





A holographic watch solves the problem, which is convenience. Here are some pros of a holographic watch:

  1. You don’t have to carry it in your hand.
  2. You won’t be exposed to UV rays near your face, because with a phone, when you call someone, most of the time you have to put the phone near your ear, unless it’s on speaker phone, but with the holographic watch, the device isn’t near your face
  3. It shows up in front of you and you won’t have to look down, that way you won’t get neck pains and arm pains because of holding your phone in the air, unlike with the phone, many people these days are getting neck pains, and headaches from looking down at their phone all the time.
  4. If its close to dying, it can also charge in the sun because of satellite charging by having it in the sun for a few minutes so it doesn’t over heat. Or you could have the option of just plugging it into an outlet like a phone, if you don’t have access to the sun.
  5. It would be water proof but you can’t use it in the water (you can fall in water, climb out and still be able to use your watch)
  6. It doesn’t need a case because it would be around your wrist, and it would be hard to crack or break.
  7. It would be easy to carry/light weight because it would be around your wrist and it wouldn’t be heavy to carry unlike the phones.
  8. You can show whoever you’re calling where you are and you wouldn’t have to hold your watch to your ear for a long time like the phones
  9. It can count how many steps you have taken that day by turning on an app and it will start counting how many steps you take.
  10. It would be a great GPS because it would be able to see where you are going such as it would show you an arrow that you would follow as it would lead you to the right direction. (would only work if you were walking.) if you were driving instead of walking, than you would have the normal GPS.
  11. It can measure your heart rate and scan to see if you are healthy by opening an app (good for elderly)
  12. Can send an emergency message to 9-11 if you collapse, or if you’re experiencing health problems and you need to go to the hospital.


Our prototype of the holographic watch would most be a parallel circuit, because of all the different types of things you would need on the watch. For the screen to pop up, it would be a series circuit, if you look at the diagram to the right, the light represents the screen. It would be a lot more complicated to figure out for the entire watch itself for the circuit of the watch itself, and other parts of the watch.


Our holographic watch prototype would be able to do many things, and it would be superior to the phone in many ways. If you refer back to the ‘dream’ part of this project, you will see a list of things the holographic watch prototype would be able to do. These are really only the basic things it would be able to do, if we went even deeper with this project as a whole, I’m sure there would be many more complicated parts of the watch that would be very helpful. Even without picking apart the watch to find more pros, it is already extremely easy to tell that the holographic watch is by far, way better than the phone, and a whole lot more convenient.

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  1. Thanks for explaining your holographic watch idea. It would be great to see how this automation would work and affect the way we live our lives. This is a great post. You have a lot of detail and pictures. One thought is to add links to your sources. I am excited to see how far you get with your innovation.

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