What I’ve learned in Math this Week

Week of October 24

In Math, we have been learning about Powers and Exponents. The most beneficial thing that I have learned so far in this unit, has been the rules for Exponents. Here are a few rules that I have learned.


The rule for Multiplying powers with the same base is:

“If the base is the same, you can write the base the same with the exponents added together.”

Example: 5^35^2

5^3 = 5x5x5    5^2 = 5×5

This equals 5^5 because the exponents were added together and the base is the same.


The rule for Dividing powers with the same base is:

“When you are dividing powers with the same base, you subtract the exponents and leave the base the same.”

Example: 9^7\div9^2

This equals 9^5 because the exponents were subtracted and the base was left the same.


The rule for the Power of a product is:

“when a product is raised to an exponent, you can re-write each factor in the product with the same number of exponents.”

Example: (4•5)6  = (4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)

= 4^65^6

The answer is  4^65^6 because there are 6 4’s and 6 5’s so you write it as 4^65^6 .