English 9 Year End Reflection

1. This year I have learned how to translate Shakespearean language in to English in today’s time. I have learned how to create a proper inquiry question with 3 bigs point. I have also learned how to find credible websites that aren’t fake.

2. My fondest memory in English was presenting my spoken word, and having the class clap and sing we will rock you.

3. For succeeding in English 10, I have to remember to clearly state the facts and always understand the criteria to put in my best work.


Thoughts on Data Analysis 2017

1) I think that statistics have a large impact on our society, and people beleive false statistics, without realizing that it may be fake, or slightly incorrect. People can also make good, and bad choices, based upon statistics. Such as: if you should wear a helmet while riding a bike – statistic is how many people get injured without a helmet.

2) I have learned that people who create statistics and polls, can make the final readily sound better. When a certain percentage is finalized, it can be “fabricated” to act if the number is larger or smaller than it acually is. Also there is statistics that were bias towards certain people, but the statistic looks like it was a fair poll.

3) Many statistics are faulty, and the percentages are not quite correct. People don’t realize this, and the statistics can cause problems in people’s lives. There are also unfair poll questions. Theses questions are worded in a negative or positive way in order to get a certain response. The questions mean the same thing, but are more likely to get on answer rather than another. This is another very unfair way to make a poll.


11.1 Factors Influencing Data Collection

SAMPLE 1 From Math Links 9 p. 417

When I first read the article, I thought…

I thought that it was dumb for people to buy the exact same shirt but in a different color for $20 extra! If I were to buy either of those shirts, I would buy the cheaper one, because it is the same shirt, so there is no reason to buy a more expensive shirt. I think that people believe that the more expensive shirt is better quality.
After learning about influencing factors, I now think…because…

Cost and timing were big influencing factors in this survey. The cost of the two different shirts, make people belive that one is going to be better quality than another. The timing of the people taking the survey was quick, so people didn’t mind taking it.

In the future, when reading and interpreting survey data I will …

Make sure to identify and avoid bias in future surveys. I will remember that I dont have to answer each question, if it lets me.

Math Budget Activity

1. Fixed expenses: Morgage, Hydro, Wifi

2. Variable expenses: Your long distance phone bill, Cable for tv, your Visa bill.

3. You could try to use your car less, to save money on gas.

4. You could watch less pay-on-demand movies, and you could eat out at restaurants less.