The Butterfly Effect in “A Sound of Thunder”

“A Sound of Thunder” is a short story that takes place in the future, and is about a man named Eckels who traveled back in time, but his decisions altered the course of history. Eckels discovered a company called Time Safari Inc, that would allow him to travel back in time and hunt a tyrannosaurus rex. Time Safari Inc, had gone back in time already and created a path that floated above the ground, so that hunters would not kill any species by stepping on the earth.  When Eckels arrived in the Cretaceous time period, he saw the enormous T-Rex, and panicked, and ran away off the path. This one simple action caused the Butterfly Effect, and changed everything. Running off the path caused him to step on a butterfly which caused the Butterfly Effect for 60 million years, until the present time. The result of Eckels decision to go off the path, caused him to step on a butterfly, which caused many changed to the present day, such as words were now spelled completly differently, and the election that took place before Eckels went back in time had a different outcome, where a different President was elected. So many changed occured, all from one simple act.