Outdoor Ed Peer Teach Assignment

I did my peer teach on How to Properly Pack a Backpack When Going Hiking. I taught the class on May 17th, 2018 how to effectively pack your backpack so that it is as light as possible while having all the nessesary materials, how to even out the weight and where to put the heaviest and lightest items, and how to wear your backpack so that it is comfortable throughout the hike.

Self Evaluation: (explanation below)

I was prepared on my lesson day: 5

I brought all nessesary materials for my lesson: 5

My lesson was organized with clear instruction/purpose/direction: 5

I included a demonstration, explanation, and practice time: 4

I brought in my backpack for my peer teach and brought all the nessesary supplies that I would pack in my bag (Except for food). I took out all my supplies and showed the class where to put your sleeping bag and sleeping mat, clothes, food, water, and the ten essentials. I gave a demonstration of where to put each item and had a PowerPoint with pictures of what a properly packed bag would look like. Unfortunately I was not able to give the class time to practice packing their own bags, because it would have been very difficult to have everyone bring in their packs with all their supplies. I was sure to follow all the criteria for my peer teach and showed the rest of the class how to properly pack a backpack because it is an important skill and I am very happy to know it and was glad to be able to teach the class it as well.

How I learned the skill:

My family loves to be outdoors, and so we go hiking all the time to local areas, and to further away hikes such as Garibaldi Lake and Eva lake. When I was 12, my family and I went to Garabaldi Lake and hiked to the lake and camped there and the next day hiked up to the black tusk and then all the way back to the bottom of the hike. This was my first overnight hiking trip and it was so much fun, but it took time and preparation. This was when I learned how to properly pack a backpack for hiking, and what materials are nessesary to bring.

Where I learned the skill:

I leaned the skill from my parents, as they have been on many overnight backpacking trips. They taught me how important it is to pack your backpack properly and effectively, and it really payed off. I learned where to put the heaviest items and how to use all the possible space in your pack.

When I learned the skill:

I learned how to effectively pack my backpack when I was 12, when we were planning on going to Garabaldi Lake. It was my first overnight backpacking trip, and it was so fun! It really helped to know how to pack my bag and how much I need to bring and where to put it.

Why I learned the skill:

I learned this skill, becuase it was going to be useful for our trip, but also for my future. I plan on doing many more backpacking trips, such as the West Coast Trail, and so this skill will be very helpful and I can teach others as well.

RAC 2018

This week it is Random Act of Caring week, and I chose a RAC to demonstrate throughout the week. I chose #20 – Talk to a shy person who is by themselves at a social event.

In my church youth group, we have a new girl who just started attending our youth group. She came into the Youth room, and looked very shy, and didn’t know anyone. I saw that she was alone, so I went over and started talking to her. She looked very happy when I started talking to her, because she wasn’t alone anymore. I continued to talk to her for a while, and when it was time for our youth group to play a wide game, it was in partners, so I asked her to be my partner so she wouldn’t be left out. She was super grateful, and even said to me “thank you for being my partner, because I don’t know anyone else.” I felt very good for being kind to her, and she said that she is going to come back to our youth group again next week, so I hope we can become friends.

What did you notice about the people who benefited from the RAC?

– I noticed that she was very happy for my company, and was thankful that she now new someone at the youth group. I also noticed that because I was kind to her, she was kind to everyone else, and so they were also kind to her.

What did you notice about yourself?

– I realized that I felt super good inside, after being friendly and kind, and I knew that I must have made her day better. I am going to try to always talk to new people or shy people, because they will be very happy when you talk to them, and it makes me feel really good, knowing I helped someone make a new friend.

How did performing a RAC contribute to your personal awareness and responsibility?

– This RAC helped me be aware that there are lots of shy people around in public places or at social events, and that they want someone to come over and talk to them, but they are just a bit scared to start a conversation. I now feel like I am more aware of the responsibility that I should have, and that I should always be looking out for those people who are alone.

Did you enjoy this RAC? Would you do it again? Would you change it, if so, how?

– I really enjoyed this RAC, and would definitly do it again, and I am going to make a personal goal, to try to always be looking out for those people who need someone to talk to if they are alone at a social event, or in any public place. The next time I see someone who looks shy and lonely, I will go and talk to them, and start a good conversation, and just try to make their day better, by making a new friend.

How did it contribute to your leadership skills?

– This RAC contributed to my leadership skills, by encouraging me to be a leader, and stepping out of the way to talk to someone who is shy or lonely. This has helped me be a supportive leader, by trying to include everyone.