In Time and SPACE.

In Time and SPACE.

My journey through our SSEP started off very fast. I remember walking into Mr. Robinson’s Science Class and  we went around and stated facts about our self’s. Once we did that, we went right into watching a video of the rocket ship getting ready to take off. At first when Mr. Robinson told us that we would be participating in this crazy experience of a life time. When my group sat down the first time to discuss what we are planning on sending into space we thought about worms, chemical explosions and then we thought about doing just a simple yet interesting experiment. We decided on finding the separation time of oil and vinegar on earth and in microgravity.

Breaking it Down.

When Robinson said find one expire ment to fit into a smaller tube it caused everyone’s heads to turn their wheels a little faster. It was difficult at first to find a project that had winning potential but was still safe and easy for a high school grade nine class to do; but we did it.

If the idea of sending possibly our own experiment into space wasn’t crazy enough, brainstorming what to send was insane! In my group we had ideas from worms to oil and baking soda and much more. We had an idea from each category, bacteria, bio, crystals, we thought it would be a change to have something more simple as everyone had always gone above and beyond.

We did run into minor bumps along the way, when  someone would forget to bring  the materials needed or a group member was not there one day. Minor yet very frustrating when things have to be handed-in in a timeline like process. I believe my group could have been more involved, although from the beginning we were never striving to win, we could have tried more experiments I think.

Thanks for expirence my expirence through Time and SPACE.