The Life of a Genetic Mutation.

Part 1:

My host is a young girl named Emma. Emma, to look at, has a smaller head then the average individual, she also has something known as Strawberry Chin. This causes her to look like her chin is one of the smallest features on her face. She will have seizures along with heart defects. Emma’s syndrome is caused by a deletion of Chromosome 4. This is also known as the a “de novo deletion”, witch means that Emma’s parents didn’t have the deletion, therefore in future pregnancies it is very unlikely. Her syndrome is Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome. 

Emma started off being a baby that was smaller and grew at a slower rate then the rest. She expirenced a Cleft lip, not everyone with  Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome get them although Emma did. Emma has seen bullying come in and out of her life along with sadness because she feels like she is not like the rest.

me, as one of Emma’s genes I got front row seats to see that her Chromosome 4 had a deletion. Nothing affected me however. This is Emma’s story and this is Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome. 

Part 2:

Question 1

a) What happened to you as a gene?

b) What caused your mutation ?

c) What effects did the gene mutation have on your host’s body?

d) How was the hosts’s life affect?

e) What is your host’s story?

f) How can I incorporate everyday things into this story? (i.e. bullying, as most kids go through it, wanted to make this story relate to our lives aswell)

Question 2

Honestly nothing new, used Edublog for awhile now and understand it.

Question 3

Googling, writing in my own words, applying it to my Blog.

Question 4

I looked at the toolbar from the cite I was on, copy and pasted into my edublog.

Question 5

I could have done better maybe if we got more time to really investigate what goes on in their bodies and what happens to the outside, but I did what I could do in the time given.

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