Math 10 – Week 14

This week in Math 10…

This week we learned how to find the slopes of a line.

Remember *                                                           

rise is the vertical line from one point to another. When you find the rise, if you move up to will positive and if you move down from the point it will be negative.

run is the horizontal line from the point. When you find the fun, if you move right it will be a positive number and if you move left it will be negative.

Follow these steps.

If you are given the red line you want to find 2 nice points (normally these fall on crossed lines)







I know that could have been hard to see so I added grid lines. In BLUE you will see the run and the rise lines.






In GREEN are how many grid squares I cross to hit the the spot the run hits the rise. In ORANGE is the line where the rise will run into the run. Luckily these lines are 6 and 6 long.




Remember Rise over Run here is how to find your slope.









Math 10 – Week 13

This week in Math 10…

This week we started the second half of our semester with Relations and Functions. It was easy at first to grasp but as we got a little further it got a but more difficult.

I am going to explain and show how to find the input (x) on a graph if it gives us the output (y) in function notation.

You are going to start by looking at the graph, then look at the formula given to you, find out what you know, this will help you find what you need to find, start with your output (as that is the number you have), go across to the point across from your output number, in this case 4, once you have found the number go directly down to see what your input number is; 2, that is your input, plug it into your formula that was given, and there is your solved answer.

Here is the video part to the explanation above.






Week 11- Math 10

This week in Math 10…

I am going to show one of the many ways to take out the GCF in a polynomial expression.

When you see your initial expression, you wont to ask what is the biggest number I can take out of all of the numbers? You can take out 5x from all of them… Put it on the side of the box. Then what multiplied by 5x is going to give you the numbers inside… These you put directly over the number in the box. Once found you have all the factors of what is inside the box.

Week 10 – Math 10

Week 10 in Math 10…

This week was factoring polynomials and atbthe beginin it was a lot to take in but by the end I think i got the hang of it.

It really helped when Ms.Burton showed us we can factor usin an Area Model and it was a lot easier for me.

I have drawn out the steps to find the factors of an expression:

This shows the first step, you are given an expression…

(What i’m showing will only work if it looks like this; x to the power of 2/ squared and the middle is a number followed by x and then the last just a constant term or a number with no variable or degree.)

the next step is to list the factors of the constant (in yellow.) then find the one that fits best for the sum of the middle number. place the x squatted in the top left and the constant in the bottom right box then the two numbers that add to 21 in the remaining.

Solve for what the highest number or variable is that you can take out of each two boxes. I have shown arrows and then the answers.








Now the numbers on the outside is your answer, all the factors of the first expression. Therefore your answer is….












Week 9 Math 10

Week 9 Math 10….

This week we finished up polynomial expressions and began Factoring polynomials. There are different ways to find the answer to a polynomial expression.

If your expression was:







Then one of the many ways you can solve the answer is using an area model. This is a faster way to find a answer then using tiling models.Here how you would set it up:

In black I have show the expression.

In orange is the area  model diagram. 

In pink is your answers for going left and top. Each time.


Therefore your answer is in the pink.







Week 7 Math 10

This week in Math 10…

In Math 10 this week we started Trigonometry. It is pretty straight forward one you have labeled correctly. I will be demonstrating finding a missing side length using Sine, Cosine, or Tangent. Keeping SOH CAH TOA in mind. I have created a video that will show step by step how to solve for a missing side length.