My Environmental Interactions.

My Day and My Interactions.

Jayden Bawden.

Here is my daily routine and choices I make that will effect throughout each sphere.

My Day Begins With:

Brushing my teeth, I interact with the Hydrosphere. Although I’m using water I do stop and turn off the tap in between brushing.

Washing my face, I interact with the Hydrosphere. While I scrub my face with a towel I leave the tap running, this is something I need to work on.

I eat breakfast, normally toast with jam. I am not using water so, I am only interacting with the geosphere and biosphere as that is where wheat and raspberries grow.

My Day Throughout the Middle:

I walk to school everyday, I interact with the biosphere. I am happy to say that I do not take the bus or drive to school.

When I am at school, I find myself using a ton of paper, as I prefer to write then to type. I have probably used a bunch of trees, this is something I need to work on.

My Day in the Evening:

Once I get home from school I change and get ready for soccer, I am out on the field for 1h 30mins, five times a week. When I get home I always shower, as I am a sweater, I am one of those individuals that enjoys singing, and lots of ‘warm’ time in the shower. I definitely need to start a timer from now on or something as I spend a solid 30mins in the shower.

In conclusion I need to start thinking more about what my choices are and how they are effecting the environment I and many others live in.

How Cells Multiply

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction

Sexual reproduction requires two parents that form off-spring that will take and keep genetic information from each parent. Sexual reproduction uses meiosis, which is a single cell that divides two times to produce four cells that include some genetic information. These cells tell us specific information about our selves, what are hair colour is, what our gender is, or what our skin tone is. Sexual reproduction is mitosis times two, meaning there are twice the amount of stages in PMAT. Some advantages in sexual reproduction is that the off-spring takes genetic information from both parents, that makes them unique. There are higher chances of staying alive; in asexual reproduction, if one off-spring has an illness or disease they are all prone to get it as well, it can spread to all the others, in sexual reproduction it is not the case. Some disadvantages of sexual reproduction are finding a mate to reproduce with, fewer off-spring are produced, and bad genes are passed down to off-spring. 

Asexual reproduction is a production that requires one parent to form off-spring that are copies of the parent cell. Asexual reproduction uses mitosis, mitosis is a type of cell division that ends in two daughter cells, which both have the same kinds of chromosomes as the parent. Asexual reproduction requires only one parent, and the off-spring will be an exact division of its parent, like a clone of the parent. Some advantages are that asexual reproduction doesn’t need any energy or time into finding a mate to reproduce, it does it by itself. In asexual reproduction, there are a large number off-spring that are produced. Disadvantages include no diversity in the off-spring, they are all the same. There are easily prone to extinction because if one off-spring has a weakness they all have the same weakness, they also do not work well environment changes.

Mitosis, Meiosis and their differences

Mitosis is a very simple process of copying a cell completely. It copy’s the genes and the daughter cells, the duplicated cell is an exact copy of the parent cell with all its genetic information. Meiosis is a similar process to mitosis because mitosis uses PMAT (prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase) and meiosis uses PMAT, but times two, so it will be (prophase|, metaphase, anaphase|, telophase|, prophase||, metaphase||, anaphase||, then telophase||) . The difference between them is that each one has a reproduction process. Differences, meiosis does not produce copies of a cell, although the cell has similar genes, mitosis occurs in all organisms while meiosis only occurs in humans, animals, plants, and some fungi.

How Organisms Grow

A cell grows by taking in nutrients and taking up more space as they grow. An organism starts as one cell. There are different types of cell growth, like pollination where a yellow like substance discharges from a male plant to reproduce. Embryotic development is a quick stage that goes from one cell, to two, to four, to eight cells, and then the morula stage that finishes the cycle. Internal fertilization is when sperm cell is inside a female body where they meet an egg cell. There is mating and methods of fertilization where there are different times to mate, different kinds of mating, internal and external, and many condition that need to be met, like how the cell needs to get nutrients to grow.

Jayden Bawden

First People’s Principal.

Here are the principals and what I believe they all mean:

  1. I believe this quote is saying, without the hard work of the people and ancestors before us we could not achieve what we can today with out them.
  2. I believe this quote is saying, sometimes you need others to help you out and with those other people your going to need to find you spot where you lay in that group and how you can contribute to it.
  3. I believe this quote is saying, with everything you do there will be consequences, its how you work with out having to face them.
  4. I believe this quote is saying, ex.  you have a job, you have to do what your hired to do in order to get paid.
  5. I believe this quote is saying, you WILL find your internal greatness and you WILL be satisfied.
  6. I believe this quote is saying, once you learned something, most likely you will not for get it and in the future tell you children that knowledge.
  7. I believe this quote is saying, you need to have patience and great time management for al things in your every day life.
  8. I believe this quote is saying, with doing projects, jobs ect. you will find thing you never knew about your self by s=exploring new things.
  9. I believe this quote is saying, somethings, you didn’t create, somethings you learned, somethings are not yours so repeat that.

Here are my connections with each principle quote:

When taught and read the First Peoples Principal I immediately could connect them to each major project we have been given to make possible. Starting with the SSEP, learning about the project made me constantly think about how it could work so that my project would make it to fly. Unfortunately it did not however, it helped keep me on top of what I was doing, and homework as I was excited, with the Engineering Brightness you were told you could totally change someones life, so that was extremely motivating. (1). During brainstorming and talking about what to do we worked in groups. We all had to connect on multiple ways of agreeing, focusing, and commitment, with the Engineering Brightness we came up with making a photo booth to raise money, and we did, took lots of time and group effort but we made it happen. (2). As we worked in groups you had deadlines, if you did not meet these deadlines you let your group down, you always had that weight on your shoulder until int was done, with the Engineering Brightness if we didn’t raise money intake for Albans group they wouldn’t have been able to get there jobs done. (3&4). I came to find multiple weaknesses and strength during this project, as at the start at least I didn’t know what microgravity meant know I do but when others knew I fell the slightest bit behind, with the Engineering Brightness it was much the same, I didn’t know all the terms my classmates used till I took some of my time to look up terms and definitons.(5). I will live to tell my children, fellow co-workers, family and friends about this project as I will constantly remember it, with the Engineering Brightness it is very much the same, its a great conversation starter with your nosey aunt. (6). OH brother! I am great with having patients and good with time management, however, in both of these projects there were a few times both of those qualities flew right out the window. Thats when I had to learn, things can change but you have to  change with them. (7). Like I just said ‘when things change you have to change with them’, you do because people and groups are all going at different paces and you have to find how you can honestly fit in and work at it to get in there with the right times. (8). At the very beginning we couldn’t tell any one and had to keep it on the down low, or there would have been consequences, with the Engineering Brightness it was pretty open, so nothing really to connect there. (9).


The Life of a Genetic Mutation.

Part 1:

My host is a young girl named Emma. Emma, to look at, has a smaller head then the average individual, she also has something known as Strawberry Chin. This causes her to look like her chin is one of the smallest features on her face. She will have seizures along with heart defects. Emma’s syndrome is caused by a deletion of Chromosome 4. This is also known as the a “de novo deletion”, witch means that Emma’s parents didn’t have the deletion, therefore in future pregnancies it is very unlikely. Her syndrome is Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome. 

Emma started off being a baby that was smaller and grew at a slower rate then the rest. She expirenced a Cleft lip, not everyone with  Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome get them although Emma did. Emma has seen bullying come in and out of her life along with sadness because she feels like she is not like the rest.

me, as one of Emma’s genes I got front row seats to see that her Chromosome 4 had a deletion. Nothing affected me however. This is Emma’s story and this is Wolf–Hirschhorn Syndrome. 

Part 2:

Question 1

a) What happened to you as a gene?

b) What caused your mutation ?

c) What effects did the gene mutation have on your host’s body?

d) How was the hosts’s life affect?

e) What is your host’s story?

f) How can I incorporate everyday things into this story? (i.e. bullying, as most kids go through it, wanted to make this story relate to our lives aswell)

Question 2

Honestly nothing new, used Edublog for awhile now and understand it.

Question 3

Googling, writing in my own words, applying it to my Blog.

Question 4

I looked at the toolbar from the cite I was on, copy and pasted into my edublog.

Question 5

I could have done better maybe if we got more time to really investigate what goes on in their bodies and what happens to the outside, but I did what I could do in the time given.

Cited Sources:






My experience so far in the Engendering Brightness Project has been very inspiring in ways that make your day, ways that make you feel good and ways that make you also sad. This project is definitely another experience of a life time, like the SSEP.

The Skype chat we had with Eladio and Dennis was very  moving. It was incredible to view their lives compared to ours. When hearing about the Paid Slavery I wasn’t surprised, yet still shocked. I am not and never will be for Child Slavery. They told our class that there have been many fire’s caused by candle’s as that is their only source of light. That is when I knew we needed to help.

I got with my group after our Skype calls and discussed what we could do to help, I was big on fundraising as, you need money to get supplies before you start constructing the actual lights to possibly send to the Dominican. So, I partnered, originally with Alhan because I knew she was interested in the making of the lights so, I thought great I will fundraise the money for her to create the lights.

After thinking for awhile I thought wouldn’t it be much better to get more people involved in our plan, she agreed. So, we then found three others to work with for ourselves. Zac, Josh and Ben are with Alhan. Ashiana, Alyah, Marwa and I are together fundraising.

We finally resulted in a PhotoBooth for pour fundraising, here is a picture of our #1 fan!…


I am excited to see where this goes! Thanks Mr.Robinson.


Currents in then Kitchen.


I think that when we are trying to create electricity an acidic fruit (oranges, lemons and limes..) will work best as acid is strong and I think it will be powerful.

Orange: 3 volts

Apple: 2 volts

grape: 5 volts

raspberry: 5 volts


In Time and SPACE.

In Time and SPACE.

My journey through our SSEP started off very fast. I remember walking into Mr. Robinson’s Science Class and  we went around and stated facts about our self’s. Once we did that, we went right into watching a video of the rocket ship getting ready to take off. At first when Mr. Robinson told us that we would be participating in this crazy experience of a life time. When my group sat down the first time to discuss what we are planning on sending into space we thought about worms, chemical explosions and then we thought about doing just a simple yet interesting experiment. We decided on finding the separation time of oil and vinegar on earth and in microgravity.

Breaking it Down.

When Robinson said find one expire ment to fit into a smaller tube it caused everyone’s heads to turn their wheels a little faster. It was difficult at first to find a project that had winning potential but was still safe and easy for a high school grade nine class to do; but we did it.

If the idea of sending possibly our own experiment into space wasn’t crazy enough, brainstorming what to send was insane! In my group we had ideas from worms to oil and baking soda and much more. We had an idea from each category, bacteria, bio, crystals, we thought it would be a change to have something more simple as everyone had always gone above and beyond.

We did run into minor bumps along the way, when  someone would forget to bring  the materials needed or a group member was not there one day. Minor yet very frustrating when things have to be handed-in in a timeline like process. I believe my group could have been more involved, although from the beginning we were never striving to win, we could have tried more experiments I think.

Thanks for expirence my expirence through Time and SPACE.