Investigation of Water Absorption- SSEP1- Mission8

A grade 6 science class in Santa Ana, California created a experiment that was selected for flight in 2015. There idea was to see if microgravity would interfere with the water absorption of Hyaluronic Acid. There is not a lot of water storage or resources in the International Space Station and it is hard to maintain good moister in the astronauts skin, as it is hard to maintain good water levels in their bodies. The Hyaluronic Acid is found all over our bodies from or eyes to joints, and to help moisturize our skin as well as sooth burns and injuries. This Acid is also found in spray we use to send medicine into our bodies by spraying into our nose. This grade 6 class found studies that showed that human flesh gets very dehydrated and irritated to the point it starts to itch. With the use of Hyaluronic Acid they believe that the astronauts would have a more comfortable trip. They researched the water absorbency and the make up of Hyaluronic Acid on earth and microgravity.

I had sent an email to Lizette Cabrera, who was a leader in my researched experiment, unfortunately she did not reply. I had asked about her experience, how she found background information and why they chose that. If she ever replies I will send it to you!

This was a fantastic idea/ experiment to try out. If i had the authority to choose a experiment to travel to space I would have loved to see this one, I suffer from excema and if I were a astronaut and up there it would go insane if it was dry, so if they could some how try to make my trip most enjoyable I would wish that. To keep my skin hydrated and heal any accidents that may occur. A Experimental group is almost self explanatory they “Experiment” the experiment and try it out/ do it. The Control group is the brain/ control center, they come up with the experiment.

Jayden Bawden 🙂



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