Eleria’s traveling news

Trip to earth


this is a snap that was taken my first day here on the planet earth. i mayly may was sent undercover to find out everything there is to know about the species on this blue and green planet. Earth if you don’t know is a planet in the milky way. earth has many different features that our home planet Eleria doesn’t have. They have many tree’s and a liquid called water. both the trees and water are how the creatures on this planet survive. that and fandoms. i was told that you would die on that planet if your fandom broke up. Fandom i soon learned meant something you were a fan towards. so we all are in fandoms since we have fans. another thing these creatures that are called humans cant survive without is these weird remotes. they are similar to our touch talks but run on something called Wifi. very weird technology this planet has. the humans were very different to one another. They looked different from one another. The boys all didn’t have the same body shape, face, hair or eyes. neither did the girls. they also had something called aging. Meaning you started out small and then grew until you reached a certain height. most of them were taller then 5ft. i know crazy right? some of these humans had these long cords attached to their ears. i tried asking what they were but it was like no one could hear me. they were probably suffering from toxicgloop. like i said, different planet. humans have surprised me on how much they have evolved. all the history books we have been reading explaining earth were way off. coming here i was scared at first. i didn’t want to be sent into the hunger games or thrown into a maze. i also made sure i stayed away from anyone with changing eye color’s and a girl named bella. this planet is amazing and i am glad i got the chance to visit it. well before we take over of course.

~Mayly May