RNA biology post

today in science we created bracelets made out of fruitloops. i find them gross but my partner was happy to eat all of it in the end. basically we chose a word or your name and used the RNA which is somewhat like DNA and created a bracelet out of it. the difference that i noticed between RNA and DNA is the letter coding. the 4 letters in DNA are A,T,G and C. in RNA there isn’t C. instead they replaced it with U. there is probably a better and more in depth way of explaining the difference but this is all i know and understood. So in class i made my bracelet with the coding letters of my name. G = GGG , R = CGT,
A = GCT, C = TGC and E = GAG. i thought this lab was fun and taught me something. here is a picture of my bracelet bellow. IMG_1243

DNA blog post

This morning in my A block which is science we started Biology. We learned about the coding thing for cells. we also did an experiment to better our understanding for this lesson. me and my partner (Noah)built a DNA model. the outer portion which is the Sugar and phosphate was represented by licorice. the marshmallows represent the 4 letters that exist in the DNA world. (Guanine) G = green. (cytosine) C = pink (Adenine) A = yellow and (Thymine) T = orange. the tooth picks strung them together. model 3

model 2

model 1