sammy the sperm

we open this story with the leaving home ceremony. This happened almost every week. Sammy was one of those sperms that was leaving. he was leaving his small down called testis. this was very exciting for him. leaving meant he was to find his true love on his journey. Sammy couldn’t wait. After the ceremony sammy said his goodbyes to his family and then took off in his car.taking the vas deference highway, sammy passed lake bladder. amazing childhood memories fill his brain. after it went out of view Sammy was slightly sad that he would never see the lake again. He stopped at the semical vesicle diner for a quick meal. Sammy got off the Vas deference highway and hoped onto the urethra express. sammy picked up speed and soon hit the border. it was a very quick transition. many other sperms like Sammy followed. sammy drove all the way to vaginaland. it was an amazing sight. Sammy however didn’t stop there. he kept going. he drove by a place called uterusville. it looked like an amazing place to have a home. But that’s not where Sammy met her. a little ways up he met the one. the egg of his dreams. she was beautiful. ms.ovum. both of them fell in love and joined as one. they soon found a home together in uterusville and lived happily ever after.