Post Writing “Totem”

Canadian identity has been changed from first nations identity, to early Europeans who colonized the land. When people think of Canada, they think of hockey, maple syrup and snowy weather. But, what should be included is the first nations. When talking about Canadian history it is often overlooked is the history before early Europeans came over and settled. This was a very tough time for first nations because the early setters were trying to get rid of them and assimilate them. But just like in the book they kept sticking around like the totem pole in the corner of the room and like the dust eventually settled.


This picture represents my fear of needles and sharp object pricing into the skin. This is a picture of a scar I have on my knee. I got it when i was playing soccer and some guys slid into my and cut a big hole in my knee. I went to the hospital and i had to get a needle around the cut to numb the area for the stitching needle. This fear affects me because I will most time refuse to take a blood test or give blood and taking shots.