A place at the table response

1.)¬†The movie showed people who didn’t have a job and were struggling to keep the family going or they did have a job but the pay wasn’t that good, they resort to what they can so and hope they will have enough money for the weekly grocery shopping. When it comes to grocery shopping the poor couldn’t really afford¬†healthy food, they only have a small budget for things that they can afford, junk food is what they can mostly afford nice it was cheaper than the vegetables and fruits. The consequence is that they go home and stuff themselves with food that put their life in danger.

2.) Single parents or couples with children who are struggling with financial issues. This usually starts out by their own parent, it ends up in a chain if their mom was single, her only child is going to be single or if her kids were a non graduate, the same is going to happen to their future kids. The closest thing that is historical that can be related to the movie is probably the great depression, but that happened 80 years ago, by the time the second world war happened people had cupboards filled with food due to the war economy. Even after the second world war people had enough food to feed their families, but that fixed most of the hunger problems.

3. When I was told that this was a movie about food problems I thought it was about people being bulimic, but I was presented with people dedicating their life to put food in the table. I had no idea food insecurity was even a. Movie was nothing out of the ordinary, there are always going to be poor people no matter how much help people offer.

4.)If I were to make a policy for the poor it would be quite challenging because, everything will have a draw back to it, if I increased their welfare then people would to pay more taxes, if I were to give them free food from super markets, then the government loses money that could be needed for other uses. Not much could be done but hope that there the public will donate enough food for the food bank and the government can open them more often for people who are starving, trying to think logical here my dude.