Plot Point Photo Compilation

The “Plot Point Photo Compilation” is a assignment about the story “Father and Son” written by Bernard MacLavertys, this compilation will show a quote, photo and a short explanation on why each quote fits within each part of the categories.. It is a story about a single father and a his teenage son having a bad relationship with each other. The relationship with the two characters get worse in the story and eventually there was a consequence for the bad relationship.

1.) Exposition

“This is my son who let me down” (165).

An easy understanding about the story can be brought in by this quote, knowing that the father is disappointed with the life style of his son and how he is currently living his life and not satisfying his father’s sanity.


2.) Rising Action

“your hand shakes in the morning” (167).

This quote shows that the father is really worrying about his son, he already lost someone in his family and he is worried that he will lose another. The father is over stressed and over thinking the safety of his son.

3.) Rising Action

“I’ll talk to him on the weekend” (167).

The father is trying ways to make up with his son and try to fix his life. The tension between the two really gives a good example of the relationship that the two have within the story. The father is trying to help and the son is acting like he doesn’t need help and he can keep himself safe.

4.) Rising Action

“Everyday you think I’m dead, you live in fear” (168).

At this point, the reader can see that the father is very paranoid about his son’s safety. He can’t control his son while he roams and does anything he wants to do. The father knows that if his son continues what he is doing now, he will be dead eventually.

5.) Rising Action

“My son is full of hatred for me” (168).

The father finally understands that his son is completely stubborn and disobedient. He understands that his son doesn’t care about him anymore and ignores everything he does.

6.) Climax

“The door swings open, he pushes a hand gun under a pillow” (169).

The son has had enough of his dad and is going to extreme levels within the story. It is shown that the son doesn’t need his father anymore and is better alone rather than having someone helping him.

7.) Falling Action

“Voices in the hallway” (169).

The son treats his dad like he is nothing. He can freely enjoy talking to his friends rather than having a conversation and life lesson with his dad. Just because his father talks to his him with topics that he doesn’t want to talk about and his friends can get a good conversation with topics that they both enjoy.

8.) Denoument

“Your nose is bleeding. Something cold at the back of your neck” (169).

After the son ignores everything that his dad has said to him, his life style has gotten him “killed.” If the son knew his position in life he would’ve followed his father and taken his tips. Instead he was disobedient and he lead himself to his own death.