Foods 12 reflection

Croissants and Mocha

why did I choose to reflect this lab?

The croissant lab looked very simple to do and it was very simple to do but there was just many small mistakes which contributed to making the croissants in to small burnt sticks, in the end it was still edible but it would’ve been better if they weren’t burnt.


was the lab enjoyable? why or why not?

I had a lot of hope in the croissant lab because I would imagine they would turn out to be the croissants from superstore or Costco, flakey and buttery but they just turned out to be long scones, the butter content was a bit low a well. Making the croissants was fun at least, I got a understanding on how to make something similar to croissants.


did the product turn out well? what were the problems?

The croissants was a bit disappointing because they were literal scones rather than a puff pastry, and when making the batter of the croissant some mistakes were made, yeast was incorrectly made, rolling it out and we baked it for too long. It wasn’t a big deal I was happy to have them finished and being able to eat them. My mocha turned out very bad as well, I wasn’t sure if I added enough, my mocha tasted more like black coffee than hot chocolate mixed with coffee.


did the group work well?

The group was very cooperative, but every lab we do, there is always a small mistake but some how it doesn’t affect the end product, but the mistakes made the croissants were very crucial, some instructions were miss heard by others and we didn’t check the croissants while it was baking. When a mistake was made we just continued on with the lab hoping it would turn out well. It would’ve¬†turned out well only if we checked on it when it was¬†almost finished baking, the recipe said to bake it for 20-25 minutes, but we instantly set it for 25 minutes and we slightly burned the croissants, some group members tried the croissants with the jam and said it made the croissants better.


what would I have redone?

Even though many mistakes were made on the croissant lab, I would have redone one step and that would be the baking. I would have just play it safe and set it to 20 minutes first and give the croissants a good check before giving them another 5 minutes. Why I chose to redo the baking is because before we put the croissants in the oven, they looked very good, nothing was wrong with them, they looked liked normal rolls of dough. My group wasn’t bad but I think all of us should have given a closer look at the recipe.



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