Teachers reward 1 minute film

I took charge and decided that I should write the whole script and give my impression on what the scenes should look like, out of the 9 scenes that I had planned we all concluded that 2 of the scenes were outstanding and those were when the camera zoomed in on the knuckles of Raybe and during the flash back when the scene started out from the knuckles, before Raybe got punished. I thought it was a creative way to start a flashback as I’ve seen many cartoons and live tv shows that used that technique. Where the camera zooms in on something and they keep it at the same shot but they change the background and darken the lighting to give it a feeling that its a older time. I’ve let my other group members determine the scenes as we had a big room to work with and they also had the camera to record. But I was the only one that decided the planning of the flash back scene and it is probably the most important as it tells why Raybe came back for “revenge” for Ms. Scofield and how his life changed for the rest of his life since he was a student at his old elementary school. Within the story there were many important scenes and it seemed difficult to not include all of them. When I was writing the script I decided to leave out the part where they remember the other students in the elementary school because I thought they didn’t play that big of a part aside from mocking Raybe for his name/appearance. So we took that part out and instead made Raybe explain his excuse that he was framed which seemed more fitting as he is the main character and he should defend himself from punishment.