Holocaust Memoir

I’m a tank commander of a Sherman firefly, I’m also in the leading tank with 4 other Shermans behind me. Both Sherman fireflies are in the front and back for maximum protection while our normal m4a1 Shermans take the middle. We’re roaming through the city of Erfurt making our way to Weimar, our soldiers on foot scout ahead and we came across a cathedral. We decided to let our soldiers check the buildings. I sit in my tank taking a break and suddenly I hear one of the soldiers yell “KING TIGER!!!!” I panicked and opened up my hatch looking around for the king tiger. A whistling sound passed my ear and an explosion occurred, one of the Shermans blew up with the driver inside, he crawled out trying to drag himself out. Another whistling sound passed by and hit the Sherman firefly in the back. The King tiger made a path out of the cathedral “FACE YOUR TANK TO THE TIGER, DON’T GIVE IT YOUR SIDES!!!” I order the tanks to fire at the turret ring to disable its turret from turning. “ONE!” The command was given, shots were fired at the turret ring, it was disabled, but it took out a third Sherman. “AIM FOR THE LEFT TRACK!!!” “ONE!” The track on the Tiger fell apart, one of the soldiers were running up on the king tiger and opened up the commanders hatch and threw 2 grenades in. “RUN RUN!!!!” The king tiger took its final blow and the turret fell off the side of the tank. Both drivers of the tiger were trying to get off the tank but were taking too many burns. I look around me, tanks were on fire and dead bodies were hanging off the sides of the tank. We couldn’t stay by the cathedral for long, my squad is the reinforcements that are needed at Weimar. We moved on.

 A tank commander and squad leader of a Sherman firefly is making his way through Erfurt making his way to Weimar. Suddenly he encounters a German Tiger hiding inside a cathedral and ambushes his squad. The tank commander fears the worst of what can happen to him and his squad.

The story I created is a fictional historical memoir, the character I created is a tank commander of a Sherman firefly, it’s one of the few tanks that can take down a German tiger tank. He fears having battles against these tanks because of their massive power. The tank ratio would equal one Tiger tank to 50 ally tanks. My character is also afraid of losing the soldiers that are on foot, because the man power between tanks and soldiers is powerful but if its just the tank or soldier itself the power extremely weak. The character fears losing battles, he’s in command in one of the few tank battalions in his area and soldiers in other cities are asking doe assistance so he has to make his way to other soldiers. I wrote this story through the eyes of a tank commander in a first person view.

Schlacht um Kursk, Panzer VI (Tiger I)



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