Rube Goldberg Machine

The Automatic Water Cup filler 5000    When you  drop a small ball down an incline plane (A), the ball swoops up from a ramp onto a platform (B) and falls into a plastic cup with a hole at the bottom (C), shooting down pushing a pendulum (D) to move forward, knocking down 8 dominos (E). The eighth domino lands […]

Desmos Portrait 2018

  When I started my self portrait I decided to start with the head then move onto the eyes, mouth and eyebrows. Once I created my left eyebrow I found it difficult to replicate it and make my right eyebrow. To over come my challenges, I had a lot of trial and error. When I […]

Spheres Tasks

In math class we were all given an orange and our task was to find the formula for the volume of an orange. We had to horizontally cut an orange in half and then we had to hallow out the orange, removing all of the flesh from the inside. We took half of an orange […]

Garibaldi Lake Task

  If the barrier faulted, what do you think would happen? Consider; how much water would escape, and what kind of power is the escaping water equivalent to? To find the Volume of the lake I was given the surface area and average depth. I first converted the surface area to litres (9.94km squared) = […]