Essay Corrections

English Synthesis Essay Two things I am proud of about my essay is the way I worded my thesis statement and how I referenced quotes and reflected on them. Two things I can improve from my essay would be adding comas more often when they are needed and my word choice in some sentences.  

English 11 Reflection

In English 11 I learned many tools on how to properly construct a sentence, including the uses of thamos, colons and semi-colons. I also learned about the rule of three as well as how to properly reference an outside source and when to add quotes. During this class I really enjoyed watching Homecoming King and […]

Design Thinking

My groups problem was that youths are not respected for their political ideas. My group and I decide to talk about our ideas of how we wanted to portray our design. We all contributed different ideas and where able to elaborate on each others creative thinking. We decided to design an area for students to […]

The politics of Identity – final question

Do you think Joseph Boyden should write stories about the Indigenous people of Canada? Why or why not? I think Joseph Boyden should write stories about the Indigenous people of Canada. Joseph Boyden has written many books about the Indigenous people and has done it in a respectful manner. Even though it is proven that […]

Censorship’s Blockade

In my persuasive essay, I am proud of my conclusion. I think I finished my essay strong by brining back my main points in previous paragraphs. As well I think I did a good job on my final sentence in the conclusion when I ended with a question that is also a metaphor.  A second […]

Beatty’s Lecture

    What reasons does Beatty give for the current state of society and for books being destroyed?   In the novel Fahrenheit 451, Montag realizes he no longer takes pleasure in his job while Beatty explains to him the importance/reason for burning books and why it is the right thing to do. Mr. Beatty […]

Arts and Scientist Response

“Are writers and artists as important to society as scientists and engineers?” Art gives people purpose and a large portion of the population has a great passion for it. Artists and Writers create something for others to enjoy. Engineers fix and build many things, similar to artists and writers with how they create paintings and […]

Math 11 Scavenger Hunt

The tire represents a circle  The shadow of the fence represents perpendicular lines   The roof is an obtuse The bike rack has an acute angle  The desk is a square The fence has a right angle The base of the pole is a cylinder The railing outside the portable door has parallel lines Group members: Reman, […]