Rube Goldberg Machine

The Automatic Water Cup filler 5000 


When you  drop a small ball down an incline plane (A), the ball swoops up from a ramp onto a platform (B) and falls into a plastic cup with a hole at the bottom (C), shooting down pushing a pendulum (D) to move forward, knocking down 8 dominos (E). The eighth domino lands on a lever (F) allowing a marble at the end of the lever to jump up and land on an incline plane. The marble rolls along the rim of a white board and slopes down onto another incline plane (G). The marble lands on the desk knocking down multiple dominos (H)  then hit two deck of cards and a book. The book falls onto a wooded lever (I) allowing the dump truck with water to poor water into the cup (J).


Energy Transfers 


The Automatic Water Cup Filler 5000 starts out with gravitational potential energy and when the ball is dropped it gains kinetic energy. Mechanical energy occurs on the incline plane (A) and then transfers to gravitational potential energy when the ball rises from the ramp. The ball then has mechanical energy while on the platform and converts to gravitational energy while in the air going from the platform to the cup. When the pendulum (D) is pushed forward it has gravitational energy and transfers to sound energy when the pendulum hits the dominos (E). The lever has mechanical energy and when the marble is in the air it then transfers to gravitational potential energy. When the marble descends the incline plane, it gains velocity having the ability to knock down the dominos (H), creating a transformation from mechanical to sound energy. The impact from the book landing on the lever (I) causes the dumb truck to pour water (J). The energy transformation used in the process of pouring water goes from mechanical to thermal energy, seeing that the cup is being filled with cold water.

The Automatic Water Cup filler 5000 -2f8s5lk

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