Analyzing Poetry

1. The song “Ghosting” is about a guy (main singer in the band AKA Ryan Guldemond) who has an interest in someone but they do not like him back, and he is tired of chasing after the person he likes. The song address a social phenomenon.

2. The main singer in the band is singing to the public. He is singing to let everyone know he does’t care about what people think, and he is done chasing after the person he likes.

3. The song is written using a metaphor. The song has a theme of Halloween, they talk about ghosts, tricks and treats. They are not talking about those things literally, they are using those words for an example to get their point across. When they sing “Ive been ghosting” They do not literals mean they are ghost but the connotation perspective of the word being invisible and lonely. The main singer can not be measured for the amount of lonesome he is feeling, so the words in the song are abstract. The song is free of cliches and has good diction. You can tell the song has good diction because all of the words flow and sound nice together.

4. The song is contemplative, the main singer expresses his thoughts through out the song. “I’ve been ghosting alone
Ghost in the world, ghost with no home” These words from the song set the tone that he is feeling lonely. For the most part the tone stays the same, at the beginning he sings about how he has been lonely (a ghost) and later he sings about not needing to be recognized, “And you don’t need me” he realizes that he doesn’t need the girl he has been chasing after.

5. The lines are short and start with 2 lines in each stanza then go to a few big paragraphs from about 4-8 lines in each stanza. The song has end rhymes scheme and is very repetitive as well the song is an open poem, because the lyrics do not follow any specific rules.

6.The song relates back to halloween using it as a metaphor for the song. “You don’t need poltergeists for sidekicks” is synecdoche because when we read the line we know that he is saying he does not need ghost for sidekicks even though it does not specifically state that. Throughout the song the band uses assonance and alliteration, for example when they sing “you don’t need treats
And you don’t need tricks.”I think the song is an understatement, because the guy  does not want to make a big deal that he is like a ghost when he is around the person he likes.  I think the tittle of the song fits perfectly, I would not change the tittle even if I had the opportunity to. I think the tittle “Ghosting” fits well because the song is about someone feeling like a ghost when he is interested in a person but they don’t like him back.

7. The band does a good job in recreating their experience and turning it into a song, I understand what the song is about and the message they are wanting to get across. When I listen to the song, I have a short movie playing in my head where I picture what is happening in the song. I really enjoy listening to the song but I don’t feel like the song has made me more aware of anything.

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