Convergence-Mini inquiry Poem



I push, you pull

from start till finish

putting in the work

Yet you take the credit

I am calm and free spirited

You are brainy and stern

My love lies on weekends

where I can be myself

You are stuck on weekdays

forbidding your flaws to fly free

My effort may slack

but I know how to fix that

I am noticed but not seen

Using your skills to create mine

But you laugh from above knowing we’ll never be confined

from push to pull, we need each other

I am clueless without your clues,

 you help me find my way

As a team we learn, struggle and strengthen

As a tree will not grow without its roots,

for it will never be lengthened

So no rush

take your time

your rings will slowly grow

one year at a time

the bark on our skin is rough and rigid

 Like Yin and Yang

Slowly finding our


from weekend to weekday

we can stay, steadily

when we’re old and grey

as long as we don’t separate

 The poem “Convergence” written by Angelina Johnston touches upon the importance of a balance life . Her poem addresses the human condition, by acknowledging acts of individuals, and how one can influence another. She also mentions the importance of reliability on other people. Throughout Johnston’s poem, she was able to answer the inquiry question, “How does the influence of others impact our own lives?”Although the answer to the question is not clearly stated, it is clear the answer is shown throughout. Johnston uses clever metaphors to enforce the imagery in one’s mind. She also acknowledges the importance of the Yin Yang balance, creating a clever allusion in her poem. Johnston managed to write a compelling poem, thematically stating the importance of balance. She did well on her poem, and created a beautiful video. It is obvious she put in a lot of effort to create such an intriguing poem and video. I love the poem Convergence because, it can be related back to the film Dead Poet’s Society. I enjoy having the opportunity to make connections as I read. Over all, Johnston’s poem was a pleasure to read. I highly recommend this composition!

One thought on “Convergence-Mini inquiry Poem

  1. Angie – a great poem… very interesting theme to explore… clever devices and great editing on the video. But I am not able to recognize the allusions you used.

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