Math 10 Honors Numbers Summary

Starting off the unit, we learned about prime numbers (a number that can only be divided by itself and 1) Writing the poem about prime numbers was very fun because I added the fact that 1 and 0 are not a prime number to my poem. By doing the first assignment and finding prime numbers between 1 to 200, I actually practiced my divisibility rules which I don’t use often.
We then learned about the real number system which was just review for me because I remembered everything from last year already. Reviewing rational and irrational numbers and how you would determine if a number was rational or not. Quick little reminder: If a number has decimals that repeat or terminate then it is rational, if a number has decimals that do not repeat and do not terminate then it is irrational. One thing I found very interesting was the fact that there are different amounts of infinity.
Next, we learned about square roots and cube roots. Something I remembered from last year was the fact that if a number was a perfect square then it’s square root would be rational and if it was not a perfect square then it was irrational.
Last thing we learned about was radicals, what the different terms were:

And also this was the first topic this year that wasn’t review for me, I learned something new. I learned that the square root of a negative number is not possible, only odd roots of negative numbers are possible. I learned about the two properties of radicals and how when you’re multiplying radicals with the same index then you can multiply the radicands together to simplify (only if the index is even and the radicands are higher or equal to 0) Dividing radicals with the same index can also be simplified if you divide the radicands (again this could only work if the index is even and radicands are higher or equal to 0 and the bottom radicand cannot be 0.)
I also learned how to turn entire radicals into mixed radicals and vice versa.


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