Before I read the article, I will be discussing what I think statistics affect in our society today. The role statistics have is that they are used in many ways such as getting a poll on whether the population of a city wants a new park and or it can be used for something serious such as keeping stats about who has a job in Canada and who doesn’t. It is a way of organizing information so it could be read easier.


After I read the article,

I understand that statistics give us a bigger picture and a more accurate understanding of what is going on in the world and it is easier than getting it from individual observations. Although a lot of statistics can be misleading which are used by companies to sell their product even if they do throw in a white lie and say that their product helps more than it does. The problem is faulty statistics and another that interested me was the unfair poll question which is true because depending on how you ask a question, it can result in how people answer. Therefore, you can twist the question around so people would give the answer you would want them to give. When it comes to statistics it is safe to say we should take a moment to analyze the situation ourselves and see if the stats make sense.

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