conversation by yura

I talked to Samantha Coughlan and Sara Bygone .They are both actor. because maybe I want to be a actor or singer in future . So I have many questions  to ask them . And they are give me many similar answer . Actor is they dream job . They are very like it and enjoy it. And also that ’s they motivate to do this job. They say I have to chose a job I like it and I want to do it ,it will depend my motion in future . I learn many things in the conversation . For example I knew if I want to be a actor I have to learn how to communicate .because communicate is very important to actor . They need to communicate to other actor and director or audience. Also I knew actor is very instability job , because they don’t next show will be connect they . So they will do something else do have some money to live. So I think I got many expensive of this talking.

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