I really enjoy this movie, I think is the very useful and meaningful movie to my live. I learn a lot of ting from this movie, and actor is very good to act the character feeling, emotion on face or heart even I can feel about it just myself. When I watch this film I feel very pity to Chris. Because he alway try to do a good man, a father, a  husband. He try harder to found a job and want steady about his dream job. But many thing happen to hinder his way, when his live more better then bank tax take his all money, he cant’t find a place to stay with his son, he watch his son sleep on the floor and someone knock the door he can’t stop cry. I know he feel sorry to his son but he can’t to do anything to change it, that’s let me feel so sad, I can feel my dad be harder working everyday just want me live comfortable and have good environment. I learn three important thing from this movie is “never give up your dream”, “even so many bad thing happen you need to hold on”, “be harder to do everything you wan”. Chris show us he unremitting to let me now that three thing. I will try to do this in my life.

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