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according to a new study that looked at workplace envy by University of British Columbia researchers be nice to your boss it will be benefit to the empolyee but also can benefit to whole company. So Sauder School of Business students spent six-month study looked at surveys from 400 supervisors and employees at two corporations in China.Researchers found that some bosses are envious of employees, especially if the workers are seen to be competent and potentially climbing the ladder or representing a threat. How envy manifests itself between supervisors and employees can differ greatly depending on how the supervisor views the employee. my opinion is be nice to anybody is benefit to yourself,even is your boss. and be nice to your boss is surely let whole company raise up. because your boss have good emotion then you can have good emotion. from this article i learned be nice to anyone not only good for yourself is good for many people. Those information will urge me be nice to everyone in my live.


I really enjoy this movie, I think is the very useful and meaningful movie to my live. I learn a lot of ting from this movie, and actor is very good to act the character feeling, emotion on face or heart even I can feel about it just myself. When I watch this film I feel very pity to Chris. Because he alway try to do a good man, a father, a  husband. He try harder to found a job and want steady about his dream job. But many thing happen to hinder his way, when his live more better then bank tax take his all money, he cant’t find a place to stay with his son, he watch his son sleep on the floor and someone knock the door he can’t stop cry. I know he feel sorry to his son but he can’t to do anything to change it, that’s let me feel so sad, I can feel my dad be harder working everyday just want me live comfortable and have good environment. I learn three important thing from this movie is “never give up your dream”, “even so many bad thing happen you need to hold on”, “be harder to do everything you wan”. Chris show us he unremitting to let me now that three thing. I will try to do this in my life.

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That’s thing maybe happen 1 year ago. I was on the subway, there are so many people on the subway and I ‘m so tired , when I finally found a seat I was glad so I quick sit down .  It’s too comfortable when I was tired and I can sit down to relax my leg,  my body. I was looking around and I found a squatter, it was a young boy, he looks not good ,he be green around the gills and with two hands pressing his stomach. his mom was very worry talk to someone on phone. I heard she talk the hospital so I think maybe that boy was sick so I let the boy sit my seat. I hope he can be better.

Canadian studies

BC have ten mountain ranges and Thousand year old trees that deftly divide the light falling on an impossibly green forest floor. This landscape has sustained BC ancient societies for 10,000 years.

BC is location in West Coast special and population’s 4.5 million and the total area is 944,735km. BC’s capital city is Victoria on Vancouver Island. The highest point is Fairweather Mountain, 4,663m/15,299ft and the lowest is Pacific Ocean, sea level. BC’s longest river is Fraser River, 1,368km/850m.i Largest lake is Williston Lake (reservoir), 1,761km. They longest island is Vancouver Island, 32,137km and provincial flower is Pacific dogwood. The provincial tree is western redcedar, provincial bird is steller’s jay. provincial gemstone is jade, provincial motto is splendor without diminishment.

BC’s legal drinking age is 19.