Canadian studies

BC have ten mountain ranges and Thousand year old trees that deftly divide the light falling on an impossibly green forest floor. This landscape has sustained BC ancient societies for 10,000 years.

BC is location in West Coast special and population’s 4.5 million and the total area is 944,735km. BC’s capital city is Victoria on Vancouver Island. The highest point is Fairweather Mountain, 4,663m/15,299ft and the lowest is Pacific Ocean, sea level. BC’s longest river is Fraser River, 1,368km/850m.i Largest lake is Williston Lake (reservoir), 1,761km. They longest island is Vancouver Island, 32,137km and provincial flower is Pacific dogwood. The provincial tree is western redcedar, provincial bird is steller’s jay. provincial gemstone is jade, provincial motto is splendor without diminishment.

BC’s legal drinking age is 19.

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