Individual Multiculturalism Edublog Post

My Individual Assighnment

Most people try their hardest to keep from being assimilated from their home country. My family and I are trying to keep our religious believes our traditions and hopefully pass them onto the newer generation. People who come from post immigration are more likely to enjoy and hang out with people with the same background. In BC there is a variety of different festivals that support people from different countries just like Chinese New Year Festivals, Polish Festivals in Port Coquitlam and the Pride Festival. We organize these festivals and gatherings because we respect others cultures and beliefs.

The Link above will lead you into a disturbing and racist confrontation between a 71 year old white lady and an elderly couple from the Philippines. This is just one of many confrontations that have happened between two races in British Columbia. During the confrontation the 71 year old lady start telling the couple to go back the to the Philippines but in a more aggressive manner. The defending couple confronts the lady in just a simple was “Please don’t say that”. Racial discrimination has become more and more common with the massive amount of new immigrants entering the country in mass waves. This events are like dropping a stone into a still pond it just created more commotion then there is supposed to be.

Canada has become a multicultural country that has a variety of people and religions. Most importantly we need to learn to appreciate the things that people from other countries have to offer. Having other people with different lives will help us understand the world.

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