First They Came For …

Adapted from the poem by Martin Niemoller “First They Came for the Jews” in response to the poem “Danger of Silence”

First they came for the Muslims

and I did not speak out

because I was not a Muslim


Then they came for the immigrants

and I did not speak out

because I was not an immigrant


Then they came for the Asian actors

and I did not speak out

because I was not an Asian actor


Now when will they come for me

because I was too busy or too apathetic (indifferent)

to defend my sisters and brothers ?



Science 9 Hypothesis

Firstly our question was what would happen if we didn’t add any food colouring?

Our prediction was that if we didn’t add the food colouring obviously it wouldn’t have any colour but what would it look like? Would it look beige or would it look just plain white? My prediction was it would look a little bit off white.

Even though we would think the food dye is only there to make it look colourful, but there might be a slight possibility that the food dye somehow effects the experiment.

Bard On the Beach

What I liked about this workshop was that they tried to make it as fun as possible for everyone so they would enjoy it! I also appreciated how they managed to make something like Shakespeare that could be so boring to someone into something that I think everyone enjoyed and was interested in. For me, I learned more about the play and Shakespeare himself, and overall I enjoyed his workshop.

Information Fluency

s~ List at least 3 strategies for determining how reliable a webpage’s info is

                  Some of the strategies I’ve found is that you should be looking at the website to see if there are any spelling errors, looking at the copyright and also looking to see if there is an About Us section or not. Another thing is to see if they put a location on the website, if it’s an unknown city it is probably fake.
~ Things I Learned
                  Some of the things I learned are that a lot of the website that you use could be dangerous and not reliable. Also that you should always look at the website to see if its real or not.
 First you go onto the riverside homepage and find the button where it says library.
Then you log on with your username and password.
After you go to where it says ” To access all of library, resources, catalogues and databases ” click on the button where it says ‘click here’.
Then under EBSCO databases you press ‘ Academic Search Premier ‘.
There will be a space where you can search keywords for an article that you’d like.
Choose your article, find where the pdf is and then copy the link
my article choice :