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Math Journal #2 and #3

  1. For my unit 8 math journal, i did question 7 on page 567.The question gives us a starting function, as well as a blank cartesian plane. The question provides the student with a base point to start the question off with, before building on that as the question progresses.

when i first read the problem, i had to think about it. i new what my starting point was, but needed to figure out where to go from there. The formula y=mx+b was a key component in the problem, as well as knowing how to find the y-intercept and x-intercept.

Knowing what to do during the question was one thing, but realising how to apply it later was another. Part of the question asked for the domain and range of the equation, which made me think back to last unit where finding the domain and range was important. I remembered that if a ordered pair or equation has no x-intercept, it’s a zero slope, and the line runs across the graph horizontal without touching the x-axis

2) When you look for the x-intercept given a equation, you set y = 0 then solve for x. This is because where the point intercepts either the y or x axis, the other will be at zero on a graph. An x-intercept is a point on the graph where y is zero, and a y-intercept is a point on the graph where x is zero.

3) For my unit 9 math journal, i did question 8 on page 605. The question gives you a scenario where after 7 days of heavy rain, the water level of a river is 2.85m above regular level. After four more days, the water dropped to 2.25m above regular level. The questions asks that you create a function h(t) for the height of the river above regular level as a function of time, assuming t=0 at peak water level.

This question forced me to think a bit. Because there was so much information being given at once, I didn’t know where to start. When i figured it out, I knew the first thing i had to do was find the slope of the equation, and then plug it into the function.

I used the knowledge I already possessed from previous lessons to figure out how to do this question. I was on the right track, but i had to check the answer to figure out what my final answer should look like. The question confused me a bit, but overall I felt okay doing the question. I feel like if I hadn’t overthought the question, i would have been able to complete it without help.



Math Assignment Journal

For my math journal I’ll be using question #3 from the Relations and Functions unit. In questions 3, over the course of 10 years a high school collected data surrounding how much hot chocolate sold during different temperatures. We were given the formula N(t) = 150 – 10t, where N(t) is the number of hot chocolates sold during an average daily temperature of 3 degrees Celsius

When i first read the problem, i understood the concept and what the data was, but wasn’t positive what to do with it. But as i read the data and compared it to the question, it was clearer. Everything i needed to solve was included in the question, i just needed to put what i knew to work. I’m still a little foggy about the vocabulary but as i tried different ways i thought the question worked, it made more sense as to what the correct one was.

I’m a thinker, being that the longer i look at something the faster I’ll figure it out. If if i need a little help, I ask my friend what they did. As you read the question and understand how each piece of data corresponds with the question, plugging in the data only took a small amount of time.


Math 10 Reflection

This week we learned about exponents. We learned things like powers with whole number exponents, combining the exponent laws, integral exponents, and rational exponents. This unit we built off the numbers unit and added exponents to the numbers and radicals.

Exponent laws are used to add, multiply, or subtract exponents from each other. It depends on what the equation looks like

^^^ These are the exponent laws! They’re used to deal with specific exponent types in equations.

^^^ I feel pretty confident about this unit, but this is an example of the questions i did have trouble with. I know how to do them now though!