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“Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves back up.” -Alfred Pennyworth

I’m very proud of my Digital Portfolio and I love the whole idea of using it in high school. Everything on my blog is some of my best work and done to the best of my ability! 🙂

This portfolio would be very beneficial in a future job application or reference to some of my work. If I’m at a job interview for something like, say a scientist, I could reference my superior to the science area of my portfolio. Possibly a specific assignment or area of work that contributes to my expertise. It may even prove that I’m able to work well with computers and am very organized.

By the end of the year I would very much like to be comfortable and outspoken with my peers. Sometimes it takes time for an individual to become comfortable in a place, and being new to the high school contributes to that. I would like to be a better student, not that I’m not already but more inclined to study and focus on work. Last but not least, a real shocker, I would like to get good grades that will help me in the future.



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