My Environmental Interactions

part one

Exfoliation Bead Use – In the cleanser I use includes something called microbeads . Microbeads are known as tiny bits of plastic or small scrubbing components used in hundreds of skin care products according to the NPR. The real problem is these little pieces of plastic known as polyethylene are an excellent transporter of phenatherne a byproduct  of fossil fuel burning thats a dangerous ocean pollutant , they cant really be broken down properly since sewage systems are not designed to remove

Bleach use –When washing my white clothes i tend to use a little bit of bleach to make them whiter , or when washing my white duvet I use bleach. Manufactures who use chlorine bleach often release it into local water bodies along with other liquid industrial waste , chlorine reacts with other minerals and elements to form a host of dangerous toxins . These toxins include dioxins , furams and PCDDs often referred to as persistent organic pollutants .

Plastic Bags- When making a lunch for school I tend to reach for the plastic zip lock bags , when grocery shopping use the plastic store bags provided rather than re usable ones. These plastic bags could potentially choke or poison fish , animals , and birds.Plastic bags also take years to decompose , they are also very costly to clean up. 

– Leaving the Water running –When taking a shower I tend to leave the water on when shampooing and conditioning and not turning it off in between , same with brushing my teeth .Used water goes down the drain and into the sewers , we automatically know there will be water when we turn the tap on again . Waste water ends up at treatment facilties that consume a significant amount of energy . Using and wasting less water can save us money and help reduce the amount of water that needlessly end up down the drain.

Using Lights- When leaving for school I often notice that we leave a lot of lights on in my house . The increased demand for electricity requires more coal/oil or other non-renewable resource to be used at a faster pace than necessary.Appliances ‘burn out’ quicker than normal, and must be replaced – disposing of these items can be hazardous – since many of them contain heavy metals, PCB’s and other toxic substances – which can potentially be released into the environment when burned/buried.

part two 

The first point im going to defend is using exfoliation bead . The reason I use exfoliation bead in my skin cleansers is because they are a strong ingredient that helps stop breakouts and removes dead skin from your face . Witch is bad for the environment and I should try to use a diffrent alternative to use instead .Witch in the ln the long term could potentially destroy and ruin the hydrosphere of the earth.

The next is plastic bags. The reasons I use plastic bags so much is because when packing my  lunches I reach for plastic bag rather than a container . The reason I don’t use containers is one because every time I take a container to school I end up losing it or leaving it somewhere and another reason is in my house nothing matches , we are always losing the lids to things . I know this is bad for the environment  but its always been a bad habit of mine and my families on losing containers, I really think we should try and break this habit . This could be very harmful to lithosphere and hydrosphere , plastic releases harmful chemicals into the surrounding soils witch can eventually seep into the ground water.

The last is bleach use . The reason I use bleach  too wash my white clothes and white duvet is because it takes out all of the dirt and stains. I like to make sure why whites and white so I use bleach instead of just laundry detergent. I know this is very bad for the environment and the hydrosphere part of the earth and I should really try and find a strong more environmental friendly substance. Since the water in the washing machine will now be conflicted with bleach it will eventually go down into the sewers and contaminate the rest of the water with bleach. Witch will affect the hydrosphere part of the earth and maybe even eventually affect the lithosphere part.

part three

Some changes I feel I should make are to find a alternative to using a microbead cleanser , I will also try my hardest too break my habit of leaving my containers everywhere and make sure I don’t lose lids , and finally chose a strong laundry detergent to wash my whites instead of bleach . Ive looked up alternative to bleach and cleansers and I have found many many option I could use , and some alternatives I didn’t even know existed .










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