Engineering Brightness Artifacts Of Learning




1.My group consists out of Clare Magura , Ella Mitzel , Ria Jhutti and we have decided to put together a video on everyones progress and a general idea of how far we got to reaching our classes goal .


2.Our groups original idea was to help be the fundraiser and  to be able to buy the supplies .We did indeed contact afew schools asking if they would like to help us fundraise but  un fortunately none replied .So we soon turned things around and decided to switch our roles and make this video . In this video we interviewed mostly all of our classes individual groups to see what they have accomplished / what they have made.


3.I have learned that living life in some parts of the Dominican Republic are very hard. They do not have easy access to electricity and lights like we do here in North America . I felt i have learned a lot about  how others live in parts around the world and how hard there everyday life’s may be . Not having access to light would be very very hard, I wouldn’t be able to do my homework past daylight , I wouldn’t be able to cook after daylight , also wouldn’t be able to anything really. Ive learned that there is no limits for learning , I found it so amazing we connected with those across the country and world collaborating and learning about the diffrent aspects of life  . I feel I’ve gone above and beyond and have more knowledge than just the grade 9 science circulum , we took science and applied it to a real life situation , the other grade 9 science classes cant say they’ve done that 🙂


4.This experience was very amazing in the end! Ill admit I didn’t really feel up to this challenge when given but giving it time I ended up enjoying very much ! I think my group did a very good job on putting the video together and working as a team to get the tasks we assigned accomplished. I think this whole Connections Based Learning was very fun and a diffrent kind of way to learn . I definitely hope that I will get to have more opportunities like this soon . 










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  1. It is great to hear how successful you were with your connections-based learning. I am glad that your group made a switch when you found a new avenue to explore. The video is an amazing artifact of which you should be proud. I hope you can keep this experience in your mind as you tackle the rest of your schooling! Great work!

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