My Environmental Interactions

part one Exfoliation Bead Use – In the cleanser I use includes something called microbeads . Microbeads are known as tiny bits of plastic or small scrubbing components used in hundreds of skin care products according to the NPR. The real problem is these little pieces of plastic known as polyethylene are an excellent transporter […]

How Do Cells Multiply

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction Asexual reproduction is the formation of new individuals from the  cells of a single parent , it is mostly common in plants more than animals. It is a biological process by which an organism creates a genetically similar copy of itself without the combination of genetic material with another organism.For example […]

Genetic Mutation Story

  Part One  “HAHAHAHA WHATS WRONG WITH YOUR FACE ?” ” WHY ARE YOU SO SKINNY ” ” WHY ARE YOU TEETH SO SMALL AND SPREAD OUT ?” These are just some  the things my host has to here many times through there life . You might recognize those symptoms as me ! What am […]

Currents In The Kitchen

Prediction: I predict that the lemon will be the greatest at conducting electricity , because I think the acid in the lemon will play part to be a electrolyte. Observation Of The Circuit Setup : I noticed that all parts of the circuit has to be closed in order for the lightbulb to light up . It […]

In Time and SPACE

Define the problem in our own words.  Consider these thoughts: What is micro-gravity? Microgravity is when people / objects   seem to be weightless . (witch micro means very small). Microgravity is a very weak form of gravity witch means you would be able to move things that weigh over hundreds of pounds just with there finger prints […]

Salad Rolls !

Did you enjoy this lab? Why or why not? yes because I have never had or heard of a salad roll before in my life ! I very much enjoyed making this lab using a different type of roll and making the different type of sauce was very good! What reasonable (i.e. no candy!) thing would […]

Science App Review

MY PROBLEM:The biggest problem I am having in science right now would half to be the periodic table . Its a very big table with many elements on it  and finding the one you need may be very difficult to do ! For example printed periodic tables sometimes do not show all the information you […]