Barney ToonDoo

Exposition: ” We are alone on the island now , Barney and i. ” Rising Action: ” I have given him a complete run of the place. ” Rising Action: ” For the past two days I have to keep Barney confined and hoe he hates it. ” Rising Action: “After a quick survey of […]

Readers Response: “A Television Drama”

Part A- The Reporter’s POV Here we are standing outside the house the murder suspect was posed to be outside of, it is a small so called innocent town and the neighbourhoods were significantly good and classy. There are many police cars and ambulances along the road, they have already warned the residents along the street […]

My Environmental Interactions

part one Exfoliation Bead Use – In the cleanser I use includes something called microbeads . Microbeads are known as tiny bits of plastic or small scrubbing components used in hundreds of skin care products according to the NPR. The real problem is these little pieces of plastic known as polyethylene are an excellent transporter […]