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Grade 10

Real Motion Moments

Constant Velocity In the video above, it showed the horse walking, troting and galloping. When the horse is acting out the walk, it is walking with he same pace and does not speed of slow down. This also goes for… Continue Reading →

Mount Nyiragongo

We learned that there were not only one type of volcanoes, there are tree different types and they are composite, shield and rift eruption volcanoes. Located close to the eastern border of Congo, Mount Nyiragongo at the Virunga National Park… Continue Reading →

Tropical Rainforest

Floor Exercises

Float Your Boat Lab Experiment

  Problem: Ours did not have enough of a barrier to help prevent the water from getting into the boat and making it sink, and the support for the boat could of been better to help with the weight. Hypothesis: We think… Continue Reading →

To My Grade 11 Self

Out of everything I have done in this class, I am most proud of how much I’ve learned to improve my writing skill and applying all the grammar and punctuation we have learned in class. Next year, i will try… Continue Reading →

Shakespeare Reflection

  When we did the Shakespeare workshop, I highly enjoyed the variety in activities we did that was fun and educational at the same time. It was way more interesting than if we had learned about Shakespeare through websites and… Continue Reading →

Effects of Discrimination at How One Appear to Others in “The Dollshouse” and “What Do You Remember of the Evacuation”

Effects of Discrimination at How One Appear to Others in-16wd3o0 Two Things I Did Well: I integrated quotes properly and supports my argument I used incorporated transition words to have some kind of flow to it Two Things I Will… Continue Reading →

Maniac Ploughing Through the Snow – Narrative Essay

manic-ploughing-through-the-snow-narrative-essay Two things I did well: I include a good amount of poetic devices and I tried to use short sentences through out. Two things I could improve: Punctuation and grammar, and to always read it over to make sure… Continue Reading →

“The Watch” Inquiry Question

How can one forgive after a painful suffering of discrimination? According to Elie Wiesal in “The Watch”, he goes through a journey of forgiveness 20 years after the survival of the holocaust. He reflects back on a memory of a watch… Continue Reading →

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