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English 9

Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

This play is named “The Taming of the Shrew” written by William Shakespeare. My partner is Minji. She was responsible for taking the stop motion pictures while I was moving the Lego figures. In the end both Sarah and I worked on… Continue Reading →

Animal Farm Propaganda Poster

In the book “Animal Farm” written by George Orwell, it consists of various propagandas in the book. As you examine this propaganda poster, it shows examples of four different techniques that were used; they are repetition, bandwagon, fear, and glitter… Continue Reading →

“The Sea Devil” – Graphic Novel

(Exposition) “In front of him, the bay stretched dark and silent, one of the countless lagoons that border the coast where Florida thrusts its great green thumb into the tropics” (1) (Rising Action) “The man turned abruptly and went into… Continue Reading →

Animal Farm Propaganda

This is a propaganda consist of a message, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than other”. This is telling us, they are always others wanting to overpower others, and be the best they could be. Notice… Continue Reading →

The Secluded Lot – Graphic Novel

Sarah Cheung September 15th, 2015 English 9 Mr. Barazzuol Graphic Novel Assignment – The Secluded Lot Expositions   “I’d like to inquire about a lot,” the old man said, the effort of decisions evident in his voice. “At my age… Continue Reading →

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