My Evinronmental Interactions

                                        Interactions with the Environment                                      Sabrina Sharifzada


On a regular day we have many interactions with the environment, although we never put the time to think about it and understand the positive and negative consequences that our interactions have on the environment. In this assignment we are supposed to write down a few interactions that we have on a regular day and their consequences to the environment. Here as a few of my interactions which I have reflected on and thought about.


Automobile travel:

Automobile travel is the first one. When I go to school and come back home I need my parents to drive me. However I really didn’t take the time to think about the consequences that my action engraves on the environment until now. The consequences that cars can create are devastating. Cars let harmful gases, CO2, etc…which pollutes the air and also creates global warming and climate change. Global Warming is when the total temperature of the earth rises quickly melting glaciers and icebergs in Antarctica and other cold areas. The harmful gases an Co2 is locked in the atmosphere and that is what causes the rising of temperature. It also affects the biosphere (humans, plants and animals) by causing dangerous diseases and also reduces the growth of plants and trees. I never really thought about this but our cars need gas and to get gas they need to create pipelines which can leak into lakes and other places where marine animals live. But the reason I do this is because I carry a lot of things to take home and to school and also from school to my house there is a lot of uphill and downhill the weather is also a problem sometimes. My plan is to walk to school and home after the weather becomes better (spring). We can reduce air pollution by using public transportation, planting more trees (they take in CO2 and let out oxygen), walking, etc…


Leaving the tap running:

When I wash the dishes or brush my teeth I usually leave the tap running (by accident). I seem to forget the consequences that my action has on the environment and the hydrosphere. Water is very valuable and something that not every country has access to, so we need to be extra careful and keep the hydrosphere safe and be aware of what we do.  During the summer the City of Port Coquitlam usually tells residents to use less water and only allowing to water plants on certain days and requesting to not wash your cars too much. When I searched online to find out why they are doing this, I found out that we need to conserve water because the population is growing and the environment is changing. As well as leaving water for public health and environmental sustainability. From now on I will try to remember to not leave the tap open. Another great thing to do is when you’re washing your plants or vegetables put a container in the sink so the water that is used goes into the container and once it’s full you could water your plants (that way water isn’t wasted).

A useful resource that I found to helped with research:


Usage of plastic bags.:

Regularly we all use plastic bags when we go shopping (including me). However it has become a habit and sometimes forget to bring along reusable bags with us but we also seem to forget the consequences of our actions. Plastic bags are very useful when shopping or just everyday use. Although many plastic bags are made from crude oil and natural gas and during the creation of the plastic the factories pollute the air and the atmosphere.  Last year in a documentary that we watched in school it showed that a lot of plastics are non-biodegradable and because landfills and the geosphere are overflowing so they are throwing plastic and garbage in the oceans and in the hydrosphere which pollutes the waters and also kill many marine animals and their ecosytems. I had a Visual Journal that we would reflect on and one of my reflections were on plastic use but unfortunately I have lost it and I am not sure where it is.  Many stores are charging a fee for plastic bags but that still isn’t stopping people from using plastic bags. From now on whenever we go shopping I will try to remember to bring reusable bags to reduce pollution in the air.


Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning

                                 Engineering Brightness Artifacts of Learning                                                Sabrina Sharifzada



For the past month and a half we have been working on a project called Engineering Brightness. Our class has been divided into groups and each group has been working very hard on raising awareness and responding to light poverty in various ways.

My group has been collaborating with Pitt River Middle School to help us fundraise in their school. The Pitt River Leadership team was very enthusiastic and passionate about this project and they really did want to make a change. We had two meetings (one meeting before winter break and one after winter break) with them so far to discuss what they want to do for fundraisers and we also talked about how we need to raise awareness around the community and not just one school. In this time we mostly have been planning. They said that they are having a bake sale on the week that semester two starts. We also are planning to go with Pitt River to school visits were they go to different schools in the community for their leadership program but they also asked us to come with them and talk about light poverty and Engineering Brightness, although they’re not sure of a date yet since not many schools have responded yet. Although we know what school to go to when the date it known. We did make posters for the Bake Sale in Pitt River and also made a PowerPoint to introduce light poverty to people that don’t know what it is and what they can do. This will also be the presentation that we will present at the school visits when the date is organized. When we go to the schools we are pretty much just going to talk about the light poverty in the Dominican Republic and what they can do about it. We also contacted the Eddy and our friend that is in the Eddy, interviewed us and spread the word throughout the school.

This project has helped us get better with our presentation and communication skills. It also helped us with critical thinking. Collaboration was key because if we never connected with Pitt River we probably wouldn’t be here. This also showed that it’s better to come together as a community and try to solve a problem where the results would be better than doing something alone. This did have us go out of our comfort zone and do big things in the community where we never really had done. Most of this time we have been panning out possible things we can do. We haven’t really got any money but we are still in the process of fundraising and raising the awareness. Pitt River is excited and this may be something that they would probably wanting to continue throughout the year. We have achieved most of our goals as far as raising awareness and collaborating with other school. However the raising money part is still going on and we also will reach that goal soon.

Pitt River Middle School



Throughout this project, we figured that the more that we spread the word around the community the better. In my opinion I think that collaborating with Pitt River was a very smart thing to do and it was something that nobody else in the class did. When we introduced this idea to Pitt River the were very excited and enthusiastic about it. In my opinion,  I think that we worked well in our group and that each of us helped each other to get this far. We could have improved on raising more money and planning more fundraisers but we didn’t have a lot of time to do everything. However we are still fundraising to cover the costs of the materials that is needed for the lights. Over all I think that we did an amazing job in this project. We did our best and did what we can to get the word out in the community. I am very proud with what we did in this period of time and I think that we did make a difference. This experience has been one of a kind and something I have never done. I am very happy because our class actually made and did things and had the chance to connect with other people in different schools on the other side of the earth. We are very fortunate to do something like this since many other science classes don’t do these type of projects. I believe that learning is not only what we do in school but take that and incorporate it in the real world.