Inquiry project

Inquiry project

Step 1
How does the temperature of the water change how the plant grows?

Dépendant variable : The temperature of the water
Indépendant variable: how fast the plant grows and if it is defected or not.

We think the the temperature of the water will not change how fast it grows because water is still water and plants do not always get cold water in nature to survive and if the hot water is not burning hot then I think that the plant will be able to survive the same as with cold water . The plants might actually heat up a lot because of the hot water with the sunlight and the plant might turn soggy. Studies have shown that warm water increases respiration of the plant but we think the if we use hot water the results will be different.

Step 2
Materials needed:
4 small pots
4 identical seeds
A glass filled with cold water and a glass filled with hot water
Area with the same amount of sunlight and oxygen.

Step by step :
Fill the small pots with the same soil and the same amount of soil.

Place an identical seed in each pot in roughly around the same deepness.

Mark the pots that are going to be filled with cold water with a blue marker and the hot ones with red.

Go to the sink and turn the cold handle all the way on and wait for 1 minute then fill a cup fully, do the same with the hot water.

Pour exactly half of the cold water into one of the blue pots and then pour the rest in to the other, do the same with the hot water.

Water the plants at the same time everyday with the same amount of water for a fair reaction.

Depending on the seed and the temperature that should be the same for all the pots, your plant should realistically grow in a week.

Record your progress throughout the week to see any changes that happened that could have effected the result.
3# we performed all the steps correctly and consistently throughout the week.

Our predictions could not be properly analyzed due to the failure of the plants growing at all. We predicted that the water temperature would not affect the growth and since neither grew we had no way of knowing if the heat affected the growth at all.

We don’t know what caused this failure, considering we did all the necessary steps to growing a plant but maybe we should have used store bought seeds that are meant for growth and possibly fast growth