Change by the second

I think that the picture relates well to fec.I think that it relates well because the great power in the story I think is Ms. Ralston, she has a lot of power but I generally don’t think she would have changed order and let the girls take the water bucket if someone lower in rank than her{Alma] wouldn’t have spoken out.

I think that a small act of kindness is an act that is recognized on a personal level and what I mean by that is if you open a door for a pregnant lady for example the whole world wont know about it and it probably took a tiny bit of effort. But if you donate thousands of dollars to a charity it will be recognized by more people and it probably took more effort. Small acts of kindness can make someone’s day if they are feeling sad because they might begin to réalisé that the world isn’t so bad and your small act can maybe influence others to do the same and if this chain keeps going on it will become bigger and bigger acts of kindness in the end.

My ordinary person is one that is well known, Harriet Tubman. She was a slave born into slavery in Dorchester, Maryland and was a slave for a long time. She was severely injured by a strike to the head that caused her to have hypersomnia. In 1849 Tubman escaped to Philadelphia and this act triggered her success in the future. She returned to Maryland to rescue her family and relatives. As time passed she was rescuing more and more slaves and eventually she was guiding dozens of slaves out of the country during the night. At the beginning of the civil war she worked as a nurse for the union army moving up the ranks and eventually becoming the first woman to lead an armed expedition in the war. She guided a raid that freed more than 800 slaves. She changed the lives of many slaves and still continues to affect generations to this day.













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