Digital footprint

Digital footprint.

How does it affect your future/career.
When employers are looking to hire you they don’t just if your qualified they look if you can work well with others or if you have had any future problems that could maybe reflect in your work. So having a positive digital footprint could negatively or positively influence wether you get hired or not, for example if the company finds an image of you doing drugs, even if you are not the same person anymore they are definitely going use it against you.

How to keep a positive footprint.
• Don’t let your emotions control what you post online
• Think ahead before posting anything
• Ask family or friends if it is appropriate to post
• Don’t go on any sites that you wouldn’t be comfortable going on with your mom beside you.

Advice to future grade nines.
To all of the grade nines I suggest not rushing to post something and think try thinking it through before posting.img_0140 img_0136