4 thoughts on “Connections based learning summary

  1. Mr. Robinson

    It was great to see your Connections-based Learning story. I didn’t know that Ashiana was originally part of your group. I appreciate hearing your idea of making a hand crank light and it was great that you brought one in. Your group worked hard to work out your different ideas and I am glad you were able to come up with a prototype in the end. Good job reflecting on how this connection makes you feel about the things that you own.

  2. jannag2016

    Hi Owen,

    Great blog post! I loved the work that you did, your light design ended up being quite successful! Great job experimenting with trial and error, and I think this project for your group was a success!You guys worked really hard, and you even ended up with a prototype! You shared your personal feelings and experiences clearly and in an interesting manner.
    Great job! 🙂


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