My mutation story

My mutation is cancer.

How does cancer start?

Your body is made up of 100 of millions and millions of cells. Cancer can start when just one cell begins to grow and multiply too fast for your body to control. The result is a growth called a tumour. These tumours can cause big problems when they put too much pressure on nearby muscle, organ, or tissue. Some tumours can even be spread through a blood stream. Depending on the type of cancer you are diagnosed with the ages can vary… for example bone cancer is mainly diagnosed to those in there early 20’s. Where breast cancer usually is diagnosed to those who are around 60 years of age, but everyone’s bodies are differently so it really depends on your body type and how your body reacts to the cells.


1. What happened to you as a gene?

Well it happens when a cell multiplies to quickly for your body to handle which then causes that cell to multiply so much that it creates a tumour. That tumour can cause really because problems if it is in the wrong place.

2. What causes your mutation?

A cell that multiplied to quickly for your body to handle.

3. What symptoms did the gene mutation have on your person?

Signs and symptoms caused by cancer will vary depending on what part of the body is affected.

These are a few general symptoms because it will vary depending on the type of cancer you have:

Part 1


Hello, I would like to introduce myself as cancer, and if you have me I am known to be your worst “nightmare” or your biggest fear.  I am just an ordinary little cell but with something a little special to me. I can multiply faster than a normal cell and rather than other cells I dont die. You are stuck with me and it is very very hard to get rid of me, but you can try… I can make you feel really sick, tired, and weak. You hate having me I am basically a pain in the butt and you can try to get rid of me but it wont be that easy. After I have multiplied enough I get to choose where my tumour should form. After I choose a spot like the bones, muscle, or tissue, the doctors will then need to talk to you and your family to give you that bad news and and to start your medications.  You and the doctors will talk and try to get rid of me with chemo. Chemo tries to kill me and stop me from multiplying as much as I do because that’s what causes the tumour, but chemo isn’t always the best option and usually doesn’t kill all my cells. So then then you and the doctors will move to radiation therapy. Radiation slowly and slowly will start to kill me… . Radiation is given to shrink a tumor that is pressing on the spot that’s being pressed against, which can cause pain. After radiation, the doctors will go in surgery to take the tumour from the certain spot. The doctors always tell you the risks of going into surgery to get me out because yes it really can be risky. Surgery is a good way for the doctors to look how big I am and how I am doing. After surgery, if they do not take me fully out they will know exactly how much of me is left still on your body. After the doctors get rid of me, you have a 5  year span of when I can return. Hopefully I do not return into your body because your body has fightyed hard to get rid of me so its far you should be able to live a normal life and have fun with out worrying about having your biggest ” nightmare’ or biggest fear on your body.

Part 2

In conclusion, I had to do alot of research to gather all my information… Some of the questions I asked were ” what are the symptoms of cancer”, “what cancer is most common”,and “what ages are most common for certain types of different types of cancers”. I really enjoyed this project because it made me look at peoples biggest fear which is cancer from another perspective and made me realize how lucky and heathland we all really are. The process of investigating this mutation was pretty easy because cancer is such a common disease and always has lots of information avaliable about it. It was really fun to talk as behalf of the mutation. One thing I could’ve done to make this project beyond good is really go into detail about the all the different treatment you could get. But, in the end I am pretty proud of it.







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