stretch the kitchen- brookies

Our group decided to make brookies (chocolate chip cookies on top of a brownie) Day 1 was preparation and it went very well, we gathered all our ingredients and converted our recipe into metrics. Day 2 we started off by making sure we had all the ingredients again and we started with our chocolate chip […]

20$ potato meal

$20 potato meal planning Group members: Odett Maris, Michela.C Items: potatoes $5.00 a dozen eggs $4.09 Salad mix $1.49 bacon $4.99 Green pepper $0.20 cheese $2.97 sour cream $1.00 Total: $19.74 Extra: $0.26 Breakfast: Hash brown quiche 3 cups hash browns, made from our potatoes. 1/3 cup butter, melted 1 cup diced fully cooked bacon […]

Child Labour Then and Now

Congo The country¬† The Democratic Republic Of Congo is located in Central Africa. Its capital is Kinshasa, which is the largest city. The DRC is extremely rich in there natural resources, such as copper, coltan, and diamonds, but tend to lack in there infrastructure. There current population is 81,586,997, with 40,579,234 (49.7%) being males and […]