A television drama

A Television Drama

Reading: “A Television Drama” by Jane Rule

Instructions: Respond to the writing prompt below. The response should be between 100-150 words. Part 1 and part 2 should be separate paragraphs.

Please make sure you take time to EDIT your work for spelling and punctuation mistakes. When finished, post to your blog! Use the tag: Mslemon9blogpost1

Title your blog post: Readers Response: “A Television Drama”
Title your first paragraph: Part A- The Reporter’s POV
Title your second paragraph: Part B- Media and “A Television Drama”

Writing prompt:

Part 1 (about 100 words): Re-write part of “A Television Drama” from the first person point of view (POV) of a reporter on the scene that day. Remember, you must show the difference in POV between the reporter and the main character. Before you write, think about how the media portrays certain events on TV and the newspaper. Do they always “get the story right”? Or are there assumptions and exaggerations made?

Part 2 (about 50 words): What point does the story make about how most people respond to media reports of violent events? Give one example from the story to support your answer.

My version of “A Television Drama” from a reporters point of view…

Here I am standing in the middle of this disaster. As I arrived on the scene in the neighbourhood that’s known to be the innocent neighbourhood, all I can see and hear are so many police cars, policemen, very loud sirens, and even police dogs barking. The police had been telling people to stay inside because they believe the suspect is roaming around in the neighbourhood. The suspect could be very dangerous and he could even be armed. He robbed a nearby bank and drove a car into a tree. He has shot 2 policemen and has been shot as well. The police have been telling people they saw him around this neighbourhood but they can’t seem to find him anymore, so for your safety remain in your houses. A man that looks like the suspect had just been seen running. The police were all ready to shoot him, but then he collapsed and was lying on the ground. The man had then been taken away in a stretcher.

I think people respond to media reports of violent events by being nosy and needing to know what’s going on. I think people respond like that because they are looking out for there safety. We want to know exactly what is going on when we see police being involved because questions going on in our head could be: Do I know the people involved? Is this taking place near me?. In the story there is a perfect example of this, when the police told everyone to remain inside for there safety and they listened so they could stay safe.



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